The Starting Point™

Building on the Eco Active™ Audit, the Living Wealth Starting Point™ programme identifies suitable efficiency processes for the areas of your organisation requiring improvement. Using the baseline assessment data from the Eco Active™ Audit and our growing database of eco efficiency industry benchmarks, areas of improvement are clearly highlighted so that systems can be implemented to realise these savings. The continual reporting that accompanies the programme allows for increased cost control and clearly displays the success of the cost saving mechanisms.

Aptly named, the Starting Point™ introduces companies to a brand new perspective on Total Cost Management. One where both business and environmental interests are addressed, moving your organisation towards economic prosperity and environmental sustainability.

Our Living Wealth Starting Point™ programme involves five steps:

Step 1: Contact Living Wealth and apply for an Eco Active™ Audit.

Steps to becoming environmentally friendly

Step 2: We will meet and agree on the scope of the KPIs to be measured. Once you provide 12 months of historical data (in both Rands and units); we can process your assessment and establish your baseline.

Going green

Step 3: Annual reduction targets are set on agreed KPIs with both optimal and minimum objectives.

Steps to becoming environmentally friendly

Step 4: Monthly feedback to monitor processes and isolate both reductions and other savings opportunities.

Steps to becoming environmentally friendly

Step 5: Implementation of staff incentive programme.


Going green

Living Wealth will guide you through the whole process and partner with you to ensure you realise savings and reach the long term goal of environmental sustainability.

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