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How can your green consulting service help my business?

Without a green consultant, you may be losing moneyWithout a green business strategy and action plan in place, you are losing money daily. Everything in your organisation, right down to water and electricity consumption is costing you more money each day if it is not as lean and clean as it could be.

Besides being an environmentally responsible choice, hiring a green consultant like Living Wealth can actually cut costs and help your business survive in the long-term. Our Eco-business advisors help to provide green solutions to reduce operational costs, create awareness amongst staff and develop a clean and lean business strategy to follow.


Our Approach to green consulting

Living Wealth has created a toolkit designed to deliver results in most companies, industries and cultures. Our approach is simply comprised of four phases.

Phase 1: Measuring your business

This is your company's Environmental Baseline Assessment, looking primarily at your Water, Energy and Waste but may also include other aspects such as hazardous ratings of chemicals used and so forth.  Once this measurement is complete and we understand the impact your company is having on the environment we are then able to do something about it by looking in the right places.

Green consulting helps save you money

Phase 2: Generating Awareness

This can happen in parallel with phase 1, and it simply brings everyone in your company on to the same page in terms of why change is so important, what improvements can be made, and to generate ideas to take your company forward.  Please refer to our Environmental Awareness page for more information on this.

Phase 3: Strategy

As soon as the awareness has been created we assist with developing a management strategy to map your route forward.  Within this phase we have developed a Clean & Lean Business Strategy consisting of five modules, which you will see represented on our Green Business page.

This framework is based on our Clean & Lean Operating Principles which focuses first and foremost on all types of waste - including that of time and money - and on the concepts of:

  • Closed Loop Production: cyclical approach, with zero unusable waste
  • Cleaner Production: removing or replacing harmful materials and processes
  • Lean Manufacturing: reduction or reuse of raw materials through innovation
  • The Natural Step: 4 system conditions of sustainability

Phase 4: Implementation

This we support through our project management (see green solutions) and project collaboration tools and techniques.  Our in-house project management skills and experience are enhanced by a very clever, simple tool which turns an administrative task into a collaboration enterprise – ensuring each internally-spun idea is nurtured in a very cost and time effective way - while also simply managing communications and deliverables to target.


Green Consulting helps your business save money and the environmentHiring Living Wealth as your Green Consultant will no doubt improve your organisation and make a positive impact on your staff and how both clients and suppliers view your business. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.

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