What is Eco Active™?


Eco-Active™ is a movement. Once you are aware of the potential way to reduce consumption, have signed your commitment to eco efficiency and provided the necessary benchmarking and reporting information, your business is awarded the Eco Active™ label to be displayed on your website, products and any other marketing/advertising collateral.This label is only awarded to companies or individuals who have committed to operating efficiently and begun the journey towards environmental sustainability. This is however no ordinary eco label:

Eco Active is an eco label that can be trusted

Eco Active™ is credible

When an organisation displays the Eco Active™ logo, consumers will have peace of mind knowing that the company has earned the use of the label and has to focus on improving their eco-efficiencies in order to continue displaying it. The process is simple. If an organisation is not meeting the minimum improvements of their annual eco-KPIs, they cannot continue to use the label. This creates more value for your company when displaying the Eco Active™ label in your marketing as consumers know that a third party is keeping tabs on its use.


An eco label that protects your brand

Eco Active™ helps to protect your brand

The strength of the Eco ActiveT™ label is that its use is based on fact, not unfounded claims. All processes in your company are measurable and verifiable, providing solid factual proof that your company is improving in its eco-efficiency. This accurate independent record of your green credentials is vital in helping to dispel any harmful “greenwashing” accusations directed at your company from competitors or consumers. No eco-claims are being made that cannot be 100% justified and supported.


An eco label that is cost effective

Eco Active™ is cost effective and a brand investment:

In these tough economic times, focus on green initiatives is often last on a company’s agenda. However what if we told you that becoming Eco Active™ and cutting costs go hand in hand?  Remember, becoming eco-efficient and living green is about adopting a clean and lean business strategy. This results in cost cutting initiatives and saving resources, making the cost vs. benefit of the programme supporting the Eco Active™ label much more attractive. In fact, it is the ideal low cost starting point for organizations looking to invest in sustainability.


An eco label that motivates staff

Eco Active™ motivates staff:

Motivating staff at all levels of your organisation is key to achieving continual improvements towards the goal of environmental sustainably. As part of the programme that supports Eco Active™, there are various staff incentive options including a concept being developed by Living Wealth for eco-credits which could translate directly into cash incentives for individuals. Other staff incentive options are developed specifically to meet the requirements of your company, your employees and the environment in which they operate. A portion of the savings from the eco-initiatives is translated into lifestyle improvements or enhanced working conditions for those involved.

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