Companies already enjoying Eco Active™ success.

Companies making use of the Living Wealth programme are reaping the rewards.  By realizing the power of the starting point we offer, companies such as Svenmill below have experienced a complete turnaround. Many organisations are still struggling in today’s economic climate and by failing to run efficiently, they will face further and increasing challenges.

View the organisations enjoying success from Eco Active™ below:

SvenMill Ltd.

SvenmillAs Living Wealth’s longest standing and most dedicated client to date, Svenmill textile mill in Cape Town have shown outstanding results both in impact reduction and bottom line savings. They continue to be the source of much excitement, not only for the textile industry but for sustainable manufacturing in general, and are also the first to be awarded with the Eco Active™ label as a testament to their obvious commitment to continual improvement. Maintaining the label has now become their top priority in their sustainability strategy, which means they are currently focused primarily on making their Eco-Efficiency data and reporting processes as robust as possible, so that all improvements can be monitored as necessary.

In early 2010, Svenmill were on the brink of collapse when they decided to recruit Living Wealth’s services, and they did so as much out of necessity to improve margins as out of the desire to reduce their impact. Living Wealth’s highly effective awareness programme, along with our sustained engagement, resulted in a new lease on life for the company and its employees. With next to no budget, the Eco-Committee (relying almost entirely on behaviour change emanating from our awareness programme) have achieved reductions in the consumption of electricity and water, and reduced the amount of waste to landfill. Other areas of improvement include modifying processes to eliminate many other forms of waste including that of time, money and resources. These changes were initiated and motivated from the bottom up, and today they continue to inspire us with their innovation, which we believe will ultimately contribute towards securing the future of their business.

Amongst their many fantastic initiatives, Svenmill will soon be commissioning the production of bags, aprons, cushions and more, using off-cuts and rejections off their production line. These items will proudly display the Eco Active™ label and part of the proceeds will be invested back into further eco-initiatives going forward. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Svenmill. They are well aware that they have only just begun their exciting journey towards sustainability, and being a successful player in the new ‘green economy’.

African Hotels & Adventure Group (AHA Group)

AHA logoThe hospitality industry is currently under a lot of pressure from consumers to move towards more sustainable practices. The AHA Group has recognised the need to respond quickly to avoid being left behind in the industry, but also to improve margins in an industry that has been badly affected by the global recession. Being an industry that is traditionally known for excess and luxury, they have realised the extent of the waste that could be avoided, and have come to see the opportunities this creates.

The concept of using KPIs to drive the implementation of green initiatives, and incorporating these into their staff performance criteria, has simultaneously increased the priority of the programme as well as created the momentum required to stop talking and start doing. Similarly, the recognition the Eco Active™ label provides, allows them to market their commitment, while at the same time affording them the necessary time and space to bring about real and meaningful change in their organisation.

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