Meeting Climate Change Head On.

The debate is over. Climate change is a reality. Our actions are steering us on a course that is negatively affecting the whole planet. Businesses the world over need to step up and take responsibility for their actions but until today, there has been no clear solution to remedy their harmful behaviour.

We have developed a world class programme that allows you to plot a new course to slow down and stop climate change if we all work together. An ingenious system that finally sees business and environmental interests working together towards a common goal of achieving environmental sustainability.

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Eco Active Eco labelGain a competitive edge with Eco Active™

Our programme does not stop when the savings start, but rather adds more value. As you will be operating more efficiently and making less impact on the environment; we can further reward you by giving you access to the Eco Active™ label. When displayed on your marketing material, this label sets you apart from your competitors and shows that you are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of your process.


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Learn more about Svenmill, one of Living Wealth’s longest standing and dedicated clients that have shown outstanding results both on bottom line savings and impact reduction. By following our programme, Svenmill has literally turned around from the brink of collapse and is now the source of much excitement for sustainable manufacturing.

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Hear first-hand from those using the Living Wealth programme and how it has affected positive change.

Client feedback "It’s put us way ahead of anything else"

Micheal Stander
Factory Manager

What people are saying

An Innovative Cost Management System

Implementing a traditional cost management system may save your business money, but there are no benchmarks to show you how much you could be saving. Living Wealth uses our innovative Eco-Efficiency Programme to measure your organisation’s performance against an established baseline, giving you a realistic idea of the level of savings that can be achieved.

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