Why use Living Wealth?


Living Wealth is a social enterprise. Although we operate for profit, our products and services are designed to reduce energy consumption and therefore have a direct and positive impact on the environment. Besides saving your business money, Living Wealth is able to have a social impact simply by introducing an eco efficient mindset to the people within that business. Living Wealth is innovative and our offering is unique, it has all the benefits of a spend management programme but the key difference is that we measure actual energy consumption rather than the standard, budget focused approach. In this way we are able to incorporate sustainability practices to become triple bottom line focused. This not only results in the generation of savings and increased cost control but also ensures your organisation moves towards environmental sustainability.

Our aim is to develop our industry-specific efficiency benchmarks and to offer integrated reporting to simplify the process. Using the data from the Eco Active™ Audit, we can highlight areas of potential savings that traditional accounting based systems often miss. Once identified, we advise you on implementing the best systems to realise these savings. To further add value, our Eco Active™ label can then be used by your organisation as a visible sign of your commitment to becoming environmentally sustainable.

Our programme offers many more advantages:

World class programmeWorld class

We have a well-developed unique foundation which draws from both leading methodologies and some of the best minds in the sustainability business. Proven scientific sustainability models such as the Natural Step (adopted by industry giants including Nike) have been carefully integrated into our programme, making it truly world class.


Cost effective green programmeCost Effective

Our program is cost effective, designed to satisfy environmental, economic and human needs. It is successful in isolating potential savings, recording the reductions as well as rewards. Our practical experience in this field has also resulted in the development of tools and support structures to optimise results, leading to further savings.

Action orientated environmental programmeAction focused

While the foundation of our programme is based on world class methodologies, our work really begins where the theory ends. Using these systems as a roadmap, it is our focus on the correct actions that lead an organisation to environmental sustainability. At Living Wealth, we use Eco-Efficiency KPIs to measure each action’s performance as supported by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). These measurements help us to fine-tune your company’s actions, moving you closer to environmental sustainability.

Makes good business senseMarries business and environmental interests

Simply put, the system we have developed is designed to enhance a business’s existing control mechanisms, taking into account environmental impact, as well as highlighting the excessive or unnecessary use of resources, raw materials or consumables in the generation of income. The net effect of our intervention is increased margins with decreased impact, compliance with future green requirements set out by government and a safeguard against uncertain economic outcomes.



By partnering with Living Wealth, we will guide you every step of the way on your journey to environmental sustainability. Call us today on 021 434 4384 to discuss how we can help you.

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