What savings can be expected from our programme?

The Living Wealth programme is helping a growing number of companies continually improve on their efficiencies and reap the financial rewards.

View the statistics below to give you an idea of the impressive savings our programme identifies. The data shows the projected savings based on year-to-date consumption as compared to the established baseline.

AHA Group - Hospitality client:

The statistics below are taken from the 3rd quarterly report ending May 2012.

  • Hotel 1: Saving 19% on electricity consumption.
  • Hotel 1: Saving 20% on electricity expenditure.
  • Hotel 2: Saving 28% on gas expenditure.
  • Hotel 3: Saving 58% on cleaning products.
  • Hotel 3: Saving 8% on hotel amenities.
  • Hotel 4: Saving 19% on measured consumables.
  • Hotel 4: Saving 55% on printing and stationary costs.
  • Hotel 4: Saving 30% on paper consumption.

CJSA - Community client:

Cape Jewish Seniors statistics are for the last 5 months starting Jan 2012 and are on track to achieve the following savings in 2012:

  • Saving 64% on electricity consumption.
  • Saving 25% on electricity expenditure.
  • Saving 74% on stationary expenditure.
  • Saving 21% on telephone expenditure.
  • Saving 27% on ink cartridges expenditure.
  • Saving 103% on paper expenditure.

With savings like these, ask yourself, what is the opportunity cost of not signing up for the Living Wealth programme?

Check back soon as more company statistics become available and are posted here.

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