About Us


Born in South Africa - based in Cape Town - Living Wealth aims to assist organisations to incorporate responsible business practices that result in highly beneficial, long-term, successful outcomes.  We engage collaboratively with clients and ensure the complexities of their business are accounted for, rather than providing a generic consultation service.

Our tried and tested framework is based on a systems-thinking approach with holistic sustainability strategies that leverage human capital and innovation alongside conventional solutions.  We provide the tools and know-how to effectively create a climate of innovation, and help transform a business from linear operations to cyclical (cradle-to-cradle) products and processes.  The end-goal is not only to cater effectively to the needs of the environment in which our clients operate - and on which they depend - but also to significantly enhance bottom-line results, ensure long-term positive brand equity and to enrich employees as well as societies in the process.

Opportunities and imagination are far less limited than our natural resources.


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